I wish I could erase my face, but look at my muscles.

I wish I could erase my face, but look at my muscles.

Documentation of thoughts

This week has been one of the most enlightening of my existence. Several things have been brought to my attention, which are:

- do what makes you happy

- pay attention to what that organ inside your chest is letting you know

cliche? obvious? true. 

LAla look a song I made in november!

something changed inside my heart and now I’m unsure of everything.

Growth VIA artschool narcissism 

This is justa blog of ranting now.

As a student at Yukon SOVA, I’ve learned several things. The most important of those things have been about myself, my view on art, the psychology behind “formal education” and northern living.

Coming here, my intentions were to pass SOVA in order to continue my post-secondary education in the arts – perhaps go to Emily Carr, NASCAD, etc. It is almost the end of the semester and my view on things has completely changed. Part of me felt like a lazy/unmotivated student about halfway through the semester last year—I had several half-assed assignments under my belt, I felt discouraged by my marks, and looked down on by my teachers. I had paid ten thousand dollars to not work hard? This is where I started going a little stir crazy. I realized I was half way to “art school dropout” status and that’s not what I had wanted for myself. Certainly not after working my ass off for a year and a half to pay tuition. It was up until recently I realized truth in Albert Einstein the quote “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.

Through all of this, high school and other forms of formal education I have learned that placing a grade on someone knowledge in one area—from somebody else’s teaching is simply not how I learn. For me—and I’m sure for many others—learning should come from interest and interest can from passion and passion can form creativity, learning and change. And for the most part, I love art. But if you put me in a classroom, tell me things that I can’t do anything about or tell me things I can’t do anything to change I don’t soak anything in. I can appreciate art. But if you grade me for how much I appreciate and understand why show me art I cannot grow passion towards and expect me to be a perfect student? This can be applied to anything/any kind of learning. We are all different.

I love bugs- especially their shells. If you put me in school and teach me about bugs, but only what you want me to learn about bugs and tell me shells aren’t that important, I will probably resent you. I’d feel insecure about my interests. I’d lack motivation to want to learn more about bugs and their shells because someone told me it wasn’t important. In the same way I feel this way about what I am doing now.

I came to school to achieve drawing/writing skills to help me one-day produce a graphic novel. “All right Lindsey, Craig Thompson went to art school. This is what you need to do”. Why would I tell myself this? What compels us as humans to follow the same routine to “success” as others? I am not Craig Thompson. I learn from living. From drawing, reading, watching and doing what inspires me. I learn from personal research. I learn from talking to people with experience.  Some people love formal structure that someone has laid out for him or her and from this can obtain what he or she wants. This is not I. I cannot be defined by my grades because I sure as hell ain’t that kind of person.

That’s all I gotta say about that.


And I have read the right books
To interpret your looks
You were knocking me down
With the palm of your eye